People's Republic of China
Litigation Search
To understand if an individual or a company involved in any court actions.

TopCompany Search
To review the company details like company nature, address, registered capital, director, shareholder, secretary and others.

TopCorporate Credit Report
To understand company’s inside information like main clients, production lines, quantity, key accounts, competitors, salary, expenses, future planning, any project on hand and their reputation.

TopPre-Employment Check / Background Check
Whether you represent the Fortune 500 or Small Business, hiring qualified honest employees is critical to your success. Our background / Pre-Employment Check can help you to get their history quickly and easily through our efficient background check services for pre employment screening and criminal background check.

TopPRC Asset Tracing / Locating Missing Person / Background Check
In the past years, BLACK & WHITE has provided many investigative services to different clients and one of our successful products “Full Asset Tracing” helps many clients to find out what they need. During the years, B & W has experienced in handling and gathering critical information between HK and PRC. Today, we grandly introduce to you our new service “PRC Full Asset Tracing”.

HK Citizen / PRC Citizen / Overseas Citizen

No matter what kind of persons’ assets you want to locate, B & W is happy to help. We can start the investigation anytime once you provide us with subject’s full name (Chinese/English), ID number and passport number. The main assets we cover are as below:
  • Property
  • Vehicle
  • Company
  • Bank Information
  • Other Investments

TopChina Surveillance
We provide professional surveillance in Shenzhen, DongGuan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and other main cities in China; which mainly used in Business Activity, Divorce Case, Counterfeit Investigation and others. Besides, our surveillance service could be started anytime anywhere.